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class location   DANCE HEADQUARTERS  5035 Shawline St.  SD CA 92111 

2toGroove Dance
Get more for your time, money and effort.  

Classes are generally paid for in advance of the start date


Classes are generally paid in advance of the start date
Discounted private lesson with month of classes
Watch for Private Lesson specials on facebook     


Classes offered in:
jitterbug, lindy, east coast, balboa, 20s and swing charleston, nightclub 2 step, hustle, cha cha     
Private Lessons - in many dance styles
west coast swing   lindy   jitterbug   balboa   east coast swing  salsa  nightclub two-step 
hustle   cha cha   foxtrot   waltz,  country 2 step

Wedding dance preparation -  click WEDDINGS tab above 
LOCATION           Dance Headquarters  5035 Shawline SD CA 92111   

CONTACT            ph.  (619) 291 3775   email:  margie.2togroove@gmail.com

Classes - Swing, Lindy, Charleston, Balboa, Blues Dance
Classes in Lindy Hop  Balboa, Jitterbug / East Coast, Nightclub Two Step  Hustle 
Note:  Some classes rotate on and off the calendar. See current month calendar below   

Private lessons in all of the above plus Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha cha, Blues Dance, Salsa, Country 2 step    
Just show up & sign up at door    
LOCATION   Dance for 2   7528 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.  SD  CA  92111  map

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PRIVATE LESSON  "ADD ON " Special  -  $60  ( reg $80). Student also pays studio rental fee.  
One on one with instructor -  for individual or couple.  Up to two private lessons at discount price when purchased with a month of classes.  Please note:  ADD ON private lesson must be taken in same month as classes. ADD ON private lesson can be taken with a dance partner - same level     Purchase at time of class sign up. 

STUDENT DISCOUNT  -  Attending full-time students pay less with school ID   


Progressive format .  Material reviewed each week before adding on.  55 min. classes unless noted otherwise.

7:00pm Int-Adv Lindy Boot Camp     Group private format     scroll down for complete description.  
need instructor OK to join.   8 or 9 wk sessions   longer 90 min classes    One drop in to try OK  

8:30pm Int Lindy vocab building and lead or follow connection

8:30pm  Beg Lindy                                6 & 8 ct basic moves  -  ask for LEARN for LESS Deal  & SAVE $$ 


6:30pm          Int Balboa /Bal-Swing           vocab building, styling and lead or follow connection

7:30pm  Beg Huslte         Fun swing like dance  on a slot -  modern & traditional disco music 

  Sign up at studio front desk for this class. 

 N/A Beg Balboa     Closed position swing dance  - offered at various times

                                  Call for current class time 619 291 3775                        


6:30pm  Int   Jitterbug                           vocab building  and lead or follow connection

730pm          Beg Nightclub Two Step       easy., smooth swing-like dance to slower to moderate tempos -  pop ballads

                                                                         great for dancing  in lounges or dance events. Sign up at Dance for 2 front desk for  this class
8:30pm         Beg Jitterbug - East Coast    Easy start swing dance - get on the dance floor fast                                                                     



3, 4 or 5 wk session depending on the month. Most  sessions are 4 wk. 

Prices are per person. Pricing reflects one class per week 
(does  not apply to Lindy Boot Camp class - scroll down for Boot Camp pricing)

3 wk   session   $39    OR Students w/ ID  get 15% off    
4 wk   session   $52    OR Students w/ ID  get 15% off    
5 wk   session   $65    OR Students w/ ID  get 15% off    

Drop in one class - $15 OR $13 Students w/ ID   

SPECIAL Int/Adv LINDY BOOT CAMP  - the LEARN FASTER format    Tuesdays   7- 9:30pm  

8 wk or 9 wk sessions.   Longer 90 min classes.

Need instructor OK to join.  CALL 619 291 3775 or email margie@swingdancenow.com

More detailed training.  Fast track y our improvement.  Can try out ONE class to check it out. Students then commit to 2 month sessions at a time.   Styling, musicality, transitions,  dancing fast, vintage jazz steps, sncopations, advance moves....you get the picture.  All lead -able moves. Great skill  builder for the social dance floor and perfromance/ competition.  

What makes Lindy Boot Camp different?  No drop-ins allowed.  More like a group private lesson. Focused dancers that want to improve. Instructors that coach you to a better skill level - personal feedback. More style + more variety + better technique = confidence on the dance floor.  You're sure to improve.      

COST        No drop-ins please. 

8 wk session   12 hours of class time                  $144 pp  
9 wk session   13 1/2 hours opf class time        $ 162pp
Cash, check or credit card ( processing fee applies)


Int- Adv Blues - Fusion dance workshop with Pavel Tsinberg & Margie Adams 

Two and half hour  workshop & practica - plenty of time to work it and social dance it.   Rally your blues- fusion dance lovin' friends today - let's bring the energy together.  Dance differently.  Create a more dynamic partnering experience.  Expand your options in moving from closed to open and open to close positions.  Add timing changes to create texture and contrast in movement and play.  

For the Int -adv blues, fusion, west coast swing, lindy and Argentine tango dancer
(no beginners, please.  -  take our Friday JAMnBLUES Beg Blues class instead - see info on the event page ) 

Blues vs. Fusion "Similar but Different"  
Thur  Sep 22      7:30 - 10:00pm     at Dance for 2    map
Two  hour Int/Adv workshop & practica.  Change how you move to suit the music. Traditional Blues vs. Fusion. Pulsing, accented versus smooth, lyrical.   Same or similar movement - different quality. Cost  $30pp   Sign up in advance only - no at door sign up.   Int. to adv. blues, fusion, west coast swing, lindy and Argentine tango dancers only.  Sorry not open to beginners.  Not sure about your level?   Just call or text Margie  619 291 3775   

Discount Deals

Get a friend to sign up for class in the same month  - get $5 off your session. Friends must be new 2toGroove students.    

Pricing & Payment Policy
Unless stated otherwise  cash, check, credit card , venmo
Class payments are non-transferrable to future sessions or another party 
No drop-ins unless stated otherwise on class schedule or facebook posting
Full month sign up is the best deal.
Return checks subject to a $30 processing fee. 

Classes - Full refunds not available once class session has begun. 
Some class optionn may be non- refundable
No credits for missed classes during COVID 
Make up classes may not be offered during COVID

If cancellation for a pre-paid class series is received prior to the session start date,
2toGroove will either credit 100% of student payment towards the next session of classes
or refund payment less a $10 processing fee.

Private lessons - 24 hours notice required for all booked private lessons or student
forfeits full cost of the scheduled lesson   


Make-up classes are possible during the same session only and are not guaranteed. 
A student may make up a missed class within the same session only by taking any other class  that is suitable for them. Credits cannot be transferred to future sessions or other lessonss.